My favorite villain: Kira Yoshikage

Kira from "Deadman's Question"

Kira from “Deadman’s Question”

When my friend asked me about my favourite villain, my initial answer was Dio Brando, but later I was thinking about the question a bit more and decided Yoshikage Kira from JoJo part4 was more of my favourite

So the profile. Kira is basically a serial killer living in your neighbourhood; he works in a sales job, quiet, and gentle man. But he has an abnormal sexual desire towards woman’s hand so he occasionally murders women and keep their hands for awhile(it is indicated that Kira kills men as well). He covers up his track with his Stand, Killer Queen, which has a power to explode objects or people into pieces. He continued this life until he runs into Josuke Higashikata’s friend. Kira managed to kill Josuke’s friend but the friend sent the crucial evidence to Josuke before he died. After that, Josuke & co. starts chasing Kira to stop his killing spree.

Kira was an unusual villain in JoJo series. First of all, he had rather humble ambition – to live a peaceful life like a plant. In the comics, it is indicated that Kira intentionally became an underachiever to avoid attention and he does not socialize much. He has little interest towards other people, except when he has an urge to kill. Basically, his unusual libido is the only thing that keeps him away from the peaceful life he desires. If he did not kill, he would not have attracted Josuke’s attention and could have lived peaceful life.

Another unusual aspect of Kira is that he is “weak”. Kira, unlike many villains from the series, is merely a salesman, and he is overwhelmed by Josuke and his friends; Kira is overpowered by wounded Jotaro, and he could not fight Josuke face-to-face because Josuke’s Stand simply overpowered him. So Kira has to work hard and get stronger to defeat the good guys and he almost succeeds.

Irony of Kira is that his own mania denies the peaceful life he wants, and he has to work hard to achieve quiet, plant-like life.

At a glance, Kira does not look like a super villain compared to the other villains in the series. Dio and Kars wanted to rule the world, Diavolo was the kingpin of the mafia, Pucci was a nutshell priest who wanted to create heaven on earth, and Funny Valentine was a right wing politician who wanted to make USA strong. Compared to them, Kira’s desire looks…unepic. But Kira is still horrible individual regardless; he sacrifices innocent individuals for his own satisfaction and is willing to disturb the peace in the community for his own peace. Kira is a selfish man who disregards other people’s sentiment. He is a sort of evil we can find in our own lives when you think about it. There is always a man or woman who willingly sacrifices other people for his or her solace. They may not murder like Kira, but they make people’s life hell for their own pleasures.

But Kira is not just that. According to Araki’s note, Kira developed twisted desire due to the parental abuse. When Kira was disguised as another man to avoid Josuke’s friends, he seemingly developed caring feeling towards his victim-to-be. He was worried about her safety while he was fighting… a car in plant’s body(it’s kinda complex). Kira disregarded it, thinking he doesn’t want his victim killed before he kills her, but I think it shows that Kira could be capable of positive emotions but his mania prevents him from achieving what he really wants.

After Kira’s death, his spirit was cursed to walk in earth forever(Deadman’s Q). He remembers nothing except his name and the fact that he is forever denied from heaven. But here we see something interesting. As a ghost, Kira works as a ghost hitman but he does not show any lust towards women. In this short story, you don’t realize it is Kira because not only his looks were changed, but his personality seemed to change as well. No longer Kira lusts over women’s hands, he does not show contempt towards others for approaching him(it is obvious since he is a ghost). In a way, he is living a life of his dream – tranquil and quiet life like a plant, and he no longer has his old obsessions. His only discomfort is that he does not have a house of his own and he cannot possess a thing. So he is excited when he finds a ghost house full of books and objects he can carry around(but it doesn’t end well for him though he survives).  We become more sympathetic to this villain when he gets what he wants. We see he could have been an alright individual if it wasn’t for his flaw. That’s what makes Kira interesting villain.

Hirohiko Araki revealed that Kira was his second favourite character in JoJo series next to Josuke. Kira was used as an example of “praise for humanity” theme of the series; a man striving to do what he thinks to be important, regardless of good and evil. He may not be the most complex character, but the obvious contradiction in his character makes him one of the most interesting.


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